Discovering "Circles of Joy"

Discovering "Circles of Joy"

A Journey Through Emotion and Form

Good morning, art enthusiasts and curious souls!

I am thrilled to unveil a project that has been a labor of love and passion for quite some time—my first sculpture collection, "Circles of Joy." This series represents more than just an artistic endeavour; it is a voyage into the depths of emotion, connection, and the universal pursuit of joy.


Inspiration and Vision

"Circles of Joy" stems from a fascination with creating art that fills and transforms spaces, not just decorates them. Each sculpture in this series is a totem, embodying unity, continuity, and the diverse expressions of joy that color our lives. These circular forms are my canvas for exploring joy's impact and resonance in a physical, tangible manner.


Craftsmanship and Creation

From initial sketches to the final sculpture, each piece was brought to life through meticulous layering and assembly, aiming to strike a balance between aesthetics and emotion. The collection features thirteen unique totems, each a vibrant testament to joy's different shades—from the tranquility of solitude to the warmth of shared happiness.


An Invitation

I invite you to delve into each sculpture, to find reflections of your own joys and perhaps discover new ones. This series celebrates our shared pursuit of happiness, reminding us of the connections forged through joy.

Explore this celebration of life's joyful moments. Whether you experience the collection in person or through a virtual showcase, I hope it adds a spark of joy to your day.


Thank you for joining me on this artistic journey.

Welcome to the world of "Circles of Joy".

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