Road to Berlin: Unveiling 'Orange Oasis'

Road to Berlin: Unveiling 'Orange Oasis'


"Road to Berlin" marks my journey to the Affordable Art Fair in Berlin from April 11 to 14, 2024, driven by the need to stand out. Recognising the predominance of rectangular art, I decided to innovate with circular works, combining my love for Design and Abstract art. This led to the creation of "Orange Oasis," a series that explores the intersection of geometric precision and abstract chaos, showcasing a fresh direction in my work.

For "Orange Oasis," I focused on integrating structured design with the spontaneity of abstract elements, utilising circular wooden frames to experiment with various shades of blue, crafting organic and intricate shapes. The addition of a circular orange atop each piece aimed to strike a balance between the predictability of design and abstract art's unpredictability and also giving some high contrast. I enhanced this effect by painting the back of each piece with neon orange paint, which, when placed against white walls, creates a glowing halo effect around each artwork.

The Affordable Art Fair in Berlin provides a distinct opportunity for my work to reach a global audience, showcasing my Art outside Portugal and marking my ambition to engage with the international art community. Parcus Gallery's representation at the event underscores this significant step towards establishing a presence in the global art scene.

As the "Orange Oasis" series heads to Berlin, it marks just the beginning of my new series. This collection is part of my continuous exploration into combining design and chaos, and I'm eager to see where this path takes me. Keep an eye out for further updates as the adventure of "Orange Oasis" continues to evolve.

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