New collection arriving | Atlantic Whisperer

New collection arriving | Atlantic Whisperer

The collection "Atlantic Whisperer" is coming!
I have been preparing this collection for over 6 months now. Thinking, conceptualising, experimenting and creating... trying to give each art piece an unique and balanced feeling.

This collection is a series of paintings that draws inspiration from the Azores' rich color palette, showcasing the blues, greens, and reds of its landscapes and origin. These artworks honor the natural beauty of this islands and aim to stir a sense of wonder and curiosity in viewers, encouraging them to see life and art through a fresh, explorative perspective.

The pre-launch already started, this are your Exclusive benefits:
Enjoy a 20% discount until the official launch.
Free shipping across Europe.

Gain early access to the collection catalog, featuring +100 paintings.
Mark your calendar for a special surprise on April 22nd.



Official Launch: April 24th. 
Sign-up and don't miss out on the chance to explore the pre-catalog.


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